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M6 CMMS - Document Management

Though, Document Management is not a key feature of a Maintenance Management System, the proper management of documents relating to any maintenance work step is an important factor which needs to be considered if you expect to work with an advanced computerized system. Documents occur in every part of the maintenance process and appear in many different aspects. Regardless of the  document type, whether office, PDF, graphical, CAD, voice, video or any other type of file, each type has to be managed by a powerful CMMS. Furthermore, the simultaneous access to files has to be managed thus in front of the aspect that many users in different departments work with the system at the same time. Displaying the document content with powerful viewing features like zoom, pan, print, is another aspect in particular when the application for the document type is not implemented to the users workstations. Last but not least, the authorization to access and manage documents through different types of users is also an aspect that needs to be considered by a powerful CMMS. The Document Management System is a fully integrated module in the M6 CMMS system which supports all these capabilities.


Manage specific documents


Manage all other types of documents

Key features

  • Manage all types of documents, even CAD files
  • Powerful integrated visualization tool with zoom, pan, print, markup and many other features
  • Visualization does NOT require the document application implemented on your computer
  • Define diffrent authorizations for documents (hide, view, edit, delete)
  • Powerful revision mechanism to historicize each change to the document
  • Link any M6 CMMS object with documents
  • Simultaneous access to files all over the network
  • Secure document data storage with proof of user authorization
  • Full text retrieval for office- and PDF-(text) documents
  • Proof of document authenticity with a qualified electronically signature 
  • Check-in and check-out functions to support secured file access
  • Release and obsolete statu to support document life-cycle
  • Time-effective functions (like effective from effective until) to support document validity


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