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The Total Service Solution

We have used our years of experience working with and implementing complex system products to develop a new software system that allows us to take every single need of each customer into account. We are pleased to present the M6 CMMS system which is specifically tailored to the needs of your company.

The basic system named “Business Oriented and Workflow Associated System,” or BOWAS for short, is a general document management and workflow system that contains all tools we need to tailor to your company’s specific needs. Based on BOWAS, we have developed a series of specific application systems for the areas of asset management, maintenance management and content management. It’s enormous success can be traced back to our guiding principle:

Transparent and Simple Organization of Complex Workflows

The system implemented at customers’ sites has very high recognition value as well as an high level of acceptance from its users due to the system’s user-friendly interface and reliable performance.

Besides offering a powerful software system, we provide our clients with a comprehensive variety of services, which includes the following aspects:


  • Consultation
  • Modeling
  • Implementation
  • Customizing
  • Development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Training


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