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Introducing M6 CMMS

More and more companies are prioritizing maintenance and safety management. Consistent and systematic maintenance management helps keeping the plants’ production operations running, and significantly reduces holding times for expensive components; at the same time, it also protects the investments made in the plant. Consistent maintenance extends the life of individual components and also allows existing warranty claims to be used to their fullest extent.

Quality makes the difference...However, the economic aspect is not the only important factor. Safety management – monitoring and complying with safety regulations before, during and after work with the components, as well as regularly ensuring compliance with legal limits – ensures that the plant’s operator liability claims are limited or reduced to the intended level. In particular, preventing liability claims when performing work through outside companies and instructing them in the specific safety requirements for the plant are factors that can cause significant burdens for the plant operator.

To this end, Samutec, Inc. has developed the software  M6 CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), a software program that optimally meets the demands involved in operating process-engineering and manufacturing plants. The practical applications for the system have been tested by experienced industry experts. It is a modern tool for the inventory
and maintenance of industrial plants that simplifies operational management for the long term. All processes are immediately recognized and comprehensively recorded. The M6 CMMS system documents and gathers all the factors related to operating the plant. In addition to saving time, this also significantly cuts costs.

The program  M6 CMMS provides systematic benefits for plant operators. Even though audits are essential for smooth functioning, they usually involve downtimes. With the new software  M6 CMMS, the time and duration of the audit are adjusted to suit the capacity utilization and the specific operating requirements. This helps to minimize unproductive periods. Unplanned machine downtimes lead to production losses and high costs and they directly affect the company’s operating results; with  M6 CMMS, these are minimized. The system manages planned maintenance tasks according to their type, scope, duration, necessary resources, etc. A workflow is used to monitor and coordinate their entire performance, taking the defined framework conditions (costs, time, resources) into account.

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