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M6 CMMS - Industrial Plant Safety Management

The increasing complexity of plant management in combination with time pressure and eversday operations requires a high demand of Industrial Plant Safety Management (IPSM). It is crucial to avoid accidents for plant employees as well as for contractors who perform commissioned work. Furthermore, monitoring and complying with safety regulations before, during and after processing work orders, as well as regularly ensuring compliance with legal limits, reduces the plant operator’s liability claims. In particular, preventing liability claims when performing work through contractors and instructing them in the specific safety requirements are factors that can cause significant burdens for your company.

The Industrial Plant Safety Management supports you in all these missions and furthermore ensures that in case of any accident, the recorded data is available to precisely analyze the situation and avoid similarly accidents in future. This module interacts with components and equipment, work order information and also takes the plants environment into consideration. As a result the system generates Work Permits (WP). The Work Permit includes all safety instructions necessary to obey before, during and after processing a work order. Once generated, the Work Permit becomes part of the integrated work flow and ensures that work orders with assigned Work Permits cannot be executed until the responsible, skilled employee has proven that the required safety instructions have completely been performed.


Authorization of work permissions


Security measures & instructions

Key features

  • Mark any asset or equipment as safety hazard
  • Assign unlimited safety instructions to assets, equipment or PM’s
  • Work Permits are automatically generated when marked components are involved in a work order
  • Workflow-controlled process ensures step by step execution with confirmation of each step
  • Upload any type of media, like documents, photos, e-mails and link them to safety instruction or Work Permit
  • Follow up functions to observe the component status at any time



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