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M6 CMMS - Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance (PM) is an important part of the system to support all needs for an efficient and cost-effective maintenance program in your company. It is designed to facilitate the work of the plants’ operator by displaying automaticlly generated work orders - nothing will get lost or will be unintendedly postponed. Furthermore, it gives an overview on all activities, required materials, skilled personnel, contractors, etc. for any future time period.


Planning of maintenance tasks


Assignment of maintenance tasks


Automatically generated Work Orders

Key features

  • Built-in task library with more than 5,000 predefined PM tasks
  • Customize screen layouts to your specifications
  • Predefined time cycles can be edited and/or be user-defined implemented
  • Establish your own PM time sequences like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or a combination of those
  • Add or link unlimited number of PM tasks to any asset and/or location
  • PM tasks will be activated by date, and/or meter event
  • Maintenance calendar to display current and future PM activities
  • Any PM (regardless if based on date or meter) automatically generates Work Orders
  • Assign required spare parts and/or media information to any PM task
  • Combine and group PM’s by logical, functional, route or any other attribute
  • “Drag and Drop” tool for scheduling and planning
  • Assign contractor information with any PM task
  • Inform assigned contractors automatically via e-mail about upcoming events
  • Use the extensive authorization system to grant or reduce access (read, write, display, update, report, assign, etc.) to PM’s and assigned data


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