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M6 CMMS - Reference Designation System for Power Plants

The Reference Designation System for Power Plants – in short RDS-PP – results from the consistent further development of the successful KKS Identification System for Power Plants. It has thus the characteristic features of a proven identification system:

  • applicability to all power plant types,
  • consistency throughout the entire life cycle,
  • identity in sense for all technical disciplines,
  • language independence.


Inventory based on functional location (KKS)

The KKS Identification System for Power Plants (based on the VGB "Reference Designation and Plant Documentation") has been successfully used worldwide since the early nineteen seventies for the designation of plants, technical equipment and components in power plants.


Key features

  • Creating KKS relating to the VGB standard
  • Automatic syntax check during input process in relation to the VGB standard
  • Ensure unambiguous documentation of each equipment and asset
  • Automatically create and hierarchical structures based on the KKS system key
  • Assign any kind of media type to the KKS object, especially P+I (Piping and Instrumentation) diagrams
  • Assign KKS objects with graphic elements in a P+I diagram
  • Jump from the KKS object to the P+I diagram, auto-zoom the location
  • Jump from the assigned P+I diagram location to the KKS object
  • Automatic identification and selection of all KKS in a P+I diagram
  • Collect all KKS from a P+I diagram and automatically create new KKS objektcs or assign the diagram location to existing KKS objects
  • View and print KKS datasheets with one click
  • Barcode capability to create barcodes and identify KKS by barcode
  • Life-cycle functions to display any changes in combination with the KKS or the technical location
  • Easily locate KKS and related data with user-defined filters
  • Group KKS objects with any KKS specific attribute
  • Use the extensive authorization system to grant or reduce access (read, write, display, update, report, assign, etc.) to KKS objects and assigned data



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