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M6 CMMS - Shift Manager & Scheduling

Processing work orders efficiently requires meticulous planning and scheduling, not just for big plants but also for medium-sized plants. Therefor, you will need an entire overview of available labor resources (staff), open work orders and availability of material and other stock related parts. All these needs are fully covered by the Shift Manager and Scheduling. This tool shows not only the hourly based availability of staff in form of an easy to handle user interface, it also supports direct access to contractor information, related component data and other stock related materials. Furthermore, this module has excellent report capabilities which support salary statements, absence notices, surcharges for overtime, night time work or other expenses and discounts for early leave.


Shift record to document plant operations


Display of a roster

Key features

  • Assign work orders to available staff resources
  • Receive an estimated completion date while processing work orders
  • Include contractors into schedule for open work orders
  • Easily change schedule due to current events  by drag and drop
  • Receive reports for labor costs, staff availability and absence of users by one click
  • View assigned and unassigned work orders on a time line
  • Display open or unscheduled work steps
  • Assign work steps by user availability or user skills (or both)


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