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M6 CMMS - Stock and Purchase Management

The Stock and Purchase Management is a tool that manages the complete process chain around stock parts, purchasing, inventory of multiple stock-locations, selecting the best (most reliable) of supplier. Stock parts can be assigned to components, PM objects like work orders, preventive measures and others. Use the integrated barcode utility to easily identify stock parts and improve the delivery process. As stock parts are mostly controlled by ERP / PPS Systems, the Stock and Purchase Management is equipped with a powerful general interface to read stock parts data and/or the material master directly from ERP/PPS and supports the maintenance process without any trouble concerning redundant data.


Minimum quantity


Manage materials


Creating purchase orders

Key features

  • Full requisitioning, purchasing, and receiving features
  • Barcode tracking and identifying capability
  • Managing inventory of multiple stock locations
  • Automatic stock updates when work orders are completed
  • Assign unlimited supplier information
  • Automatic trigger to prevent stock part vacantness
  • Assign stock parts to assets, PS’s and work orders
  • Track stock entries and exits and receive up to date inventory with one click
  • User-definable event triggers for minimum inventory or required purchase
  • E-mail notification and system alert capabilities in combination with event triggers
  • Create purchase order by one click and select best in case supplier
  • Follow up capabilities for purchase orders
  • Scheduling tool to perform just-in-time inventory
  • Use the extensive authorization system to grant or reduce access (read, write, display, update, report, assign, etc.) to stock items, purchase orders and assigned data


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