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M6 CMMS - Work Order Management

The Work Order Management is the key module for maintenance in the entire M6 CMMS system. It combines all requests coming from the preventive maintenance as automaticlly generated work orders (WO), and as a result of a service request (issued by any department) as well as corrective maintenance to display the performed work steps required on any component with malfunction.

Work orders are mostly labor divisional which means that several departments are involved. This is an ideal prerequisite to make use of the powerful work flow system. The work flow takes care that the work order is displayed automatically to that person or department who is responsible for the specific defined work step. Furthermore, predefined time limits are used to perform a complete work order in time. Otherwise the system will escalate that case to next responsible department hierarchy automatically. The integrated authorization system ensures that work orders can only be accessed by  authorized employees/departments.


Detailed work order


Processing a work order

Key features of the M6 CMMS’ Work Order System
Service Requests (SR)

  • Create a SR based on an asset with one touch of a button
  • Use built in catalog to specify request reason, cause, failure and remedy
  • Make use of the integrated work flow to alert the right person in time about upcoming SR’s
  • Create a work order based on a SR with just one touch of a button

Work Orders (WO)

  • Customize your own individual work flows
  • Easily display work orders in the system and select or group them by state, type, department or any other attributes
  • Easily gather any cost type and size (labor, parts and material, external costs, etc.)
  • Display the total (cost) expenses required for a single WO or a group of WO’s
  • Assign unlimited work steps required to execute the WO
  • Extensive planning and scheduling tool to meet your needs
  • Capabilities of user-definable e-mail notification  - automaticlly or "on demand"
  • Upload any type of media like documents, photos, e-mails and assign them to WO’s
  • Use the extensive authorization system to grant or reduce access (read, write, display, update, report, assign, etc.) to WO’s and assigned data


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